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Binance Web3 Wallet dApp Developer Self-listing Manual (2024-05-09)


This manual serves to guide any dApp team wishing to have their dApp listed within Binance Web3 Wallet. However, before the dApp can be listed officially, any team is required to go through a self testing process to ensure the dApp and Binance Web3 Wallet SDK integration functions as intended within Binance Web3 Wallet on Binance App.

In order for the dApp team to conduct a self test before the dApp is officially released to the general public within Binance Web3 Wallet, the dApp URL will be whitelisted for the dApp team to conduct self testing within the Binance environment.

Only dApps passing the quality control process will be shown and released to the general public within Binance Web3 Wallet with the following route: [Web3] - [Discover] - [dApps]

[Web3] - [Discover] - [dApps] - dApp Main Page


Please Notice:

  1. It should take you no more than 1 business day to receive an approval status.

  2. An Approved status means the dApps team can start the SDK and dApp testing process by scanning the QR code without being blocked as shown in the screenshot below.



  1. If no major problem found during our quality test, the dApp is expected to be listed within our wallet within 7 business days.
  2. Any application that fails to comply with the established rules may be rejected.

How to apply?#

  1. Log in Binance developer center
  2. Read the rules

how-to-apply 3. Click [DApp],then click [Get started], and click [Apply] in the subpage.


  1. Fill in the application form.


  1. After completing the application form, the status in the Application Management page will change to 'under Review'.


  1. Once the status turns to 'Approved', dApp developers could click ‘QR code’ and scan in Binance App to proceed to complete Binance Web3 wallet integration and self test.


  1. Binance will conduct a quality control test following the self-test checklist within 5 business days after application approval.

A full self-test is a prerequisite for self-listing. Binance will only list the dApps that complete Binance Web3 wallet integration (including Binance Logo exposure) and pass all items in the self-test checklist.