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Binance Gift Card allows simple crypto transfer and exchange through secured and prepaid codes. Binance Gift Card API solution is to facilitate instant creation, redemption and value-checking for Binance Gift Card. Binance Gift Card product feature consists of two parts: “Gift Card Number” and “Binance Gift Card Redemption Code”. The Gift Card Number can be circulated in public, and it is used to verify the validity of the Binance Gift Card; Binance Gift Card Redemption Code should be kept confidential, because as long as someone knows the redemption code, that person can redeem it anytime.

By using any of the Binance Gift Card endpoints you are confirming your agreement to the Terms of Use for Binance Gift Cards and Binance Pay Terms of Use.

Creating gift cards is limited only to entity accounts which have passed KYB verification.

As per the announcement, effective from 21 Aug 2023, a 1% transaction fee will apply when you buy or create gift cards in Binance directly.