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Batch Payout Notification

Webhook Endpoints#

Request Parameters#

bizIdlongY-Payout ID
bizIdStrstringY-biz id as string
bizStatusstringY-Same as Payout Query batchStatus
dataTransferQueryResultY-JSON string

Child Attribute#


requestIdstringYMaximum length 32The passed-in request ID
batchStatusstringYEnum stringACCEPTED: accepted the request, will process it soon.
PROCESSING: batch under processing
SUCCESS: All payout performed successfully, user have received fund in Binance funding wallet
PART_SUCCESS: transfers partially succeeded.
1.Insufficient funds: there’s insufficient fund in your account
2.Awaiting recipient: pending user to create Binance account and perform KYC
3.Partial refund: user failed to complete KYC in 72 hours, fund will be funded to merchant account
FAILED: all transfers failed
CANCELED: Transfer request canceled by Binance due to unknown system errors after retry limit, will not retry further
currencystringYValid crypto currencyThe request currency.
totalAmountdecimalYTotal transfer amount in this batch.
totalNumberintYMaximum length 1000Total number of transfers in the batch.

Sample Payload#

{  "bizType": "PAYOUT",  "data": "{\"batchStatus\":\"SUCCESS\",\"currency\":\"USDT\",\"merchantId\":100100006288,\"requestId\":\"gg8127129\",\"totalAmount\":2.00000000,\"totalNumber\":2}",  "bizIdStr": "29383937493038367292",  "bizId": 29383937493038367292,  "bizStatus": "SUCCESS"}

Response Parameters#

returnCodestringY"SUCCESS" or "FAIL"result code of notification processing, if process fail, Binance Pay will retry
returnMessagestringN-return message

Sample Response#

After receiving a webhook with your endpoint, please respond with an HTTP 200 OK.