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Binance Pay: Order Notification

Webhook Endpoints#

Binance Pay will send order events with final status to partner for notification.

  • Before 20/Jun/2021, you need contact Binance Merchant Operation ( to help configure the end point.
  • After 20/Jun/2021, you will be able to configure webhook endpoints via the Binance Merchant Admin Portal.
  • Successful close result for the close order request will be notified through this webhook with bizStatus = "PAY_CLOSED"
  • Orders with no payment activity over 24 hours will be closed automatically, pls contact Binance Merchant Operation ( in order to get the notification.

Request Parameters#

bizIdlongY-Prepay order id
datastringY-JSON string, data details refer to

Child Attribute#

Notification Data#

merchantTradeNostringYletter or digit, no other symbol allowedThe order id, Unique identifier for the request
productTypestringYmaximum length 16product type
productNamestringYmaximum length 256product name
tradeTypestringY"WEB", "APP", "WAP", "MINI_PROGRAM", "PAYMENT_LINK", "OTHERS"operate entrance
totalFeedecimalY-order amount
currencystringY-order currency
openUserIdstringN-Consumer unique id
payerInfostringNonly merchant got approved by Binance Operation's approval will receive this payerInfopayer information, refer to

PayerInfo Data#

firstNamestringY-first name
middleNamestringN-middle name
lastNamestringY-last name
walletIdstringY-wallet id
countrystringN-residential country
citystringN-residential city
addressstringN-residential address
identityTypestringN-identity type
identityNumberstringN-identify number
dateOfBirthstringN-date of birth
placeOfBirthstringN-original place of birth
nationalitystringN-payer nationality

Sample Request#

{  "bizType": "PAY",  "data": "{\"merchantTradeNo\":\"9825382937292\",\"totalFee\":0.88000000,\"transactTime\":1619508939664,\"currency\":\"BUSD\",\"openUserId\":\"1211HS10K81f4273ac031\",\"productType\":\"Food\",\"productName\":\"Ice Cream\",\"tradeType\":\"WEB\",\"transactionId\":\"M_R_282737362839373\"}",  "bizId": 29383937493038367292,  "bizStatus": "PAY_SUCCESS"}

Response Parameters#

returnCodestringY"SUCCESS" or "FAIL"result code of notification processing, if process fail, Binance Pay will retry
returnMessagestringN-return message

Sample Response#