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Share Account Id Notification

Webhook Endpoints#

Binance Pay will send share account id events to partner for notification. You will be able to configure webhook endpoints via the Binance Merchant Admin Portal.

In situation where event is user agrees to share account id, the webhook will retry up to 6 times to resend the event.

Request Parameters#

bizIdStrstringY-biz id as string
datastringY-JSON string, data details refer to

Child Attribute#

Notification Data#

requestIdstringYletter or digit, no other symbol allowed, maximum length 32The unique ID assigned by the merchant to identify a share account id request.
userBinanceIdstringYmaximum length 19user binance id
userNamestringN-user nickname, nullable

Sample Payload#

userName is not null#

{    "bizType": "SHARE_ACCOUNT_ID",    "data": "{\"requestId\":\"9109c2bd482ef6bccc819c45af104a78\",\"userBinanceId\":\"100103397765\",\"userName\":\"xxx\"}",    "bizIdStr": "219014596974616576",    "bizId": 219014596974616576,    "bizStatus": "SUCCESS"}

userName is null#

{    "bizType": "SHARE_ACCOUNT_ID",    "data": "{\"requestId\":\"9109c2bd482ef6bccc819c45af104a78\",\"userBinanceId\":\"1000011371416\"}",    "bizIdStr": "219014596974616576",    "bizId": 219014596974616576,    "bizStatus": "SUCCESS"}

Response Parameters#

returnCodestringY"SUCCESS" or "FAIL"result code of notification processing, if process fail, Binance Pay will retry
returnMessagestringN-return message

Sample Response#

After receiving a webhook with your endpoint, please respond with an HTTP 200 OK.

{    "returnCode": "SUCCESS",    "returnMessage": null}