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Create a single-token gift card (USER_DATA)

API Description#

This API is for creating a Binance Gift Card.

To get started with, please make sure:

  • You have a Binance account
  • You have passed KYB
  • You have a sufficient balance(Gift Card amount and fee amount) in your Binance funding wallet
  • You need Enable Withdrawals for the API Key which requests this endpoint.

HTTP Request#

POST /sapi/v1/giftcard/createCode

Request Weight(IP)#


  • Daily creation volume: 2 BTC / 24H / account
  • Daily creation quantity: 200 Gift Cards / 24H / account

Request Parameters#

tokenSTRINGYESThe token type contained in the Binance Gift Card
amountDOUBLEYESThe amount of the token contained in the Binance Gift Card

Response Example#

{    "code": "000000",    "message": "success",    "data": {        "referenceNo": "0033002144060553",        "code": "6H9EKF5ECCWFBHGE",        "expiredTime": 1727417154000    },    "success": true}