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For quick troubleshooting, we provide a detailed FAQ guide. You can browse it sequentially or use specific keywords to perform a search.

For a simplified read, we've categorised the FAQs according to features: Simulator, Devtool Panels, Upload, Network, Preview & Remote Debug, and Extension.


Dark Mode darkMode: false is not working#

At present, this feature is unsupported. You can verify it on the native side.

Devtool Panels#

Excessive logs in console#

For minimising console logs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the toolbar and select Devtools -> openApp Devtool.
  2. Run script (document.querySelectorAll('webview')[1].openDevTools()) in the console panel.
  3. Run script (localStorage.setItem('devtool-debugger', '1')) in the console panel.
  4. Refresh window and run a test now 😄

A dedicated package will be released soon to fix this.

BXML is empty#

Upgrade your IDE to version 2.25.0 or later.

Mocking API with different responses according to the parameters#

  1. Upgrade your IDE to version 2.26.0 or later.
  2. Create multiple mock items each with different rules.


Encountered 400 error during upload#

Click details and verify if the logo is displayed correctly. If not, ensure that your appid and current environment are set correctly.


Network requests failing#

  • Activate Does not verify valid domain names, web-view (business domain names), TLS versions and HTTPS certificates found in Details - Local Settings.

Image component is blank#

  • Inspect the image node in BXML panel and confirm that the origin-src is correct. If not, review your code.

Preview & Remote Debug#

Preview loading perpetually#

Ensure your IDE version is 2.25.0 or above, then clear cache and try again.

Preview error#

Here is a list of common error codes, their causes, and remedies to assist developers in troubleshooting quickly.

  • 350002 means resource not found, please make sure you're using production package or change the env to be production if you're using development package. And make sure you app is in-house mode.
  • 603301 means invalid (type invalid or cannot download, such as webp type image, not sure we have error code for this before)
  • 603302 means image not found, please check the url of the image.
  • 603501 means __app.js is missing, please upgrade your IDE and try again.