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The Mini Program Open Service facilitates access to users' openid/phone/email or enables message pushing to users. This document provides a detailed workflow for integrating with the Mini Program Open Service.


  • MiniApp: The mini application developed by the merchant.
  • MPFramework: The mini program framework that extends the JS API to the mini application.
  • User: The end users of Binance.
  • Backend: The merchant's backend.
  • OpenService: The mini program platform's Open Service, which avails APIs for accessing user information or pushing messages to users.


These are the currently supported OpenAPIs:

  • GetOpenId/GetPhoneNumber/GetEmailAddress - Access user's openid, phone number, or email address.

  • SendPushMessage - Send template messages to users.

  • BroadcastMessage - Broadcast template messages to users.

  • UploadFile - Upload files to the mini program service to obtain a fileID for future use.

  • GetFileStatus - Check the successful upload of a file.

  • CreateSKUInAudit - Create a new sku for a mini program. Any newly created sku will need to be audited.

  • GetSKU - Create a new sku for a mini program. This new created sku also needs to be audited.

  • ListSKUs - Create a new sku for a mini program. Again, new skus require auditing.

  • UpdateSKU - Update sku information for a mini program. Except for selling price and discount percentage, updates will need to be audited.

  • ActivateSKU - Activate or deactivate a specific sku.

  • GetUserPayId - Acquire Binance PayID for a given OpenID.