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Web3 DApp Platform Operation Rules

1. Operation Rules#

1.1 Rules for Registration and Submission#

1.1.1 The developer should provide true and valid contact information or entity certification information. It is necessary to ensure that the entity actually providing services through the DApp must be consistent with the entity information.

1.1.2 The DApp submitted by the developer shall be associated with websites, applications, products or services that have complete legal rights or complete authorization.

1.1.3 To ensure the security and stability of the platform that users can access safely, the platform may require that the developer upload appropriate documents or make certain additions or adjustments to the DApp when submitting or operating the DApp. Be sure to provide such assistance based on our requirements or the submission may be rejected.

1.1.4 The services provided by the DApp shall match the category and tags the developer chooses as well as the services that the Web3 DApp provides.

1.2 Rules for Basic Information#

1.2.1 The name, logo, and brief description of a DAPP constitutes its account's basic information, which shall accurately describe its features and content, help users easily understand it, and be consistent with users' expectations of its features and services.

1.2.2 The basic information of DApp accounts shall not make unauthorized use of trademarks or brand logos to which third parties enjoy the legal rights to, or other content, information or special superscripts/subscripts similar to these trademarks or brand logos. Developers shall not infringe upon third parties' intellectual property rights or other legal rights.