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The simulator is designed to emulate the behavior of Mini Programs within the Binance app. It allows you to run the compiled codes of the Mini Programs directly.


The following features are primarily located at the top of the simulator window:

  • Device switch: This allows you to choose different device sizes, including both iOS and Android devices.

  • Scale control: This enables you to control the scale of the Mini Program.

  • Text Size: This allows you to adjust the text size on the device.

  • Language: This enables you to change the device's language.

  • Network status: This lets you update the current network status (Wifi,2g,3g,4g, etc.).

  • Theme: This function allows you to switch between dark mode and light mode.

  • Capsule: This feature lets you switch the visibility of the capsule.

  • Home/Return: This mocks the scene value when you land your mini program.

  • Standalone window: This allows you to set the simulator to a standalone window (Tap the Debugger).

    simulator devices.jpgsimulator i18n.jpg