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Create SubMerchant

Create Sub-merchant API to create submerchant ID for order management purpose. This is available for Partner only.


POST /binancepay/openapi/submerchant/add

Request Parameters#

merchantNamestringYmaximum length 128The sub merchant name maximum length 128, unique under one mainMerchantId.
storeTypeintY0 or 10=Online , 1=Physical, -1=Online&Physical
merchantMccstringYSpecified codefour-digit number that classifies the business. Get from here
merchantTypeintN1=Personal(Individual)、2=solo proprietor、 3=Partnership、4=Private company、5=Others company-
countrystringNiso alpha 2 country code(, use "GO" if globalCountry/Region of Business Operation,Can be multiple, split by "," eg:"SG,US"
siteUrlstringNmaximum length 256For Online stores, the URL field is required. (If your online store is an APP, please pass its link in the app store )
addressstringNmaximum length 1024For Physical stores, the address field is required.
payIndustryDescriptionstringNmaximum length 500Mandatory if merchantMcc is 9999. Please specify the industry of this sub merchant here.
subPayMccCodestringNSpecified codefour-digit number that classifies the business. Get from here
subPayIndustryDescriptionstringNSpecified codeMandatory if subPayMccCode is 9999. Please specify the industry of this sub merchant here.
brandLogostringNmaximum length 256sub merchant logo url
companyNamestringNmaximum length 64The legal name that is used in the registration.
registrationNumberstringNmaximum length 64Registration number/Company tax ID
registrationCountrystringNiso alpha 2 country code( of Registration
registrationAddressstringNmaximum length 1024Address of Registration
incorporationDatelongNUnixTimestamp in millisecondsThe date when the business registration is in effective.
certificateTypeintN1 or 21=ID 2=Passport
certificateCountrystringNiso alpha 2 country code( country
certificateNumberstringNmaximum length 64Certificate number
certificateValidDatelongNUnixTimestamp in millisecondsCertificate Valid Date
contractTimeIsvlongNUnixTimestamp in millisecondsContract date with ISV

Sample Request Body#

when merchant type is individual

{  "merchantName":"Individual",  "merchantType":1,  "merchantMcc":"5511",  "brandLogo":null,  "country":"CN,US",  "address":null,  "companyName":null,  "registrationNumber":null,  "registrationCountry":null,  "registrationAddress":null,  "incorporationDate":null,  "storeType":null,  "siteUrl":null,  "certificateType":1,  "certificateCountry":"US",  "certificateNumber":"123456X",  "certificateValidDate":1752422400000,  "contractTimeIsv":1594656000000}

when merchant type is not individual

{  "merchantName":"Sole Proprietor",  "merchantType":2,  "merchantMcc":"5511",  "brandLogo":"logoUrlDemo",  "country":"CN,US",  "address":"store address demo",  "companyName":"Sole Proprietor",  "registrationNumber":"registration number demo",  "registrationCountry":"US",  "registrationAddress":"registration address demo",  "incorporationDate":1588262400000,  "storeType":1,  "siteUrl":"",  "certificateType":null,  "certificateCountry":null,  "certificateNumber":null,  "certificateValidDate":null,  "contractTimeIsv":1594656000000}

Response Parameters#

statusstringY"SUCCESS" or "FAIL"status of the API request
codestringY-result code
dataAddSubMerchantResponseN-response body, refer to
errorMessagestringNmaximum length 256-

Child Attribute#


subMerchantIdlongY-unique sub-merchant id generated by payment

Sample Response#

{  "status": "SUCCESS",  "code": "000000",  "data": {    "subMerchantId": 2107268400000001  }}
{"status": "FAIL","code": "400101","errorMessage": "Parameter 'merchantMcc' not valid, was empty/null, or too long/short, or wrong format."}

Result Code#

UNKNOWN_ERROR400000An unknown error occurred while processing the request.Try again later
INVALID_REQUEST400001Parameter format is wrong or parameter transferring doesn't follow the rules.Please check whether the parameters are correct.
INVALID_SIGNATURE400002Incorrect signature resultCheck whether the signature parameter and method comply with signature algorithm requirements.
INVALID_TIMESTAMP400003Timestamp for this request is outside of the time window.Sync server clock
INVALID_API_KEY_OR_IP400004API identity key not found or invalid.Check API identity key
BAD_API_KEY_FMT400005API identity key format invalid.Check API identity key.
BAD_HTTP_METHOD400006Request method not supported.Check Request method.
MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED400007Media type not supported.Check Request Media type.
INVALID_REQUEST_BODY400008Request body is not a valid json object.Check Request body
MANDATORY_PARAM_EMPTY_OR_MALFORMED400100A parameter was missing/empty/null, or malformed.
INVALID_PARAM_WRONG_LENGTH400101A parameter was not valid, was empty/null, or too long/short, or wrong format.
INVALID_PARAM_ILLEGAL_CHAR400103A parameter was not valid, contains illegal characters
INVALID_REQUEST_TOO_LARGE400104Invalid request, content length too large
INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATUS400203Not support for this account, please check account status.
SUB_MERCHANT_EXISTS400205Sub-merchant already exists.Please check merchant name
PAYMENT_MERCHANT_NOT_FOUND400208Merchant not found.Please check your merchantId
PAYMENT_ACTION_TOO_FREQUENT400501action Too Frequent, get the lock failTry again later


CodeIndustryIndustry Description
1001Accommodation and Food Services"Hotels, Caterers, Restaurants"
1002Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services"Organization/Association, Office administrative services, Travel arrangements, Locksmiths, Janitorial/Landscaping services, Waste Collection/Treatment/Disposal"
1004"Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting""Crop production, Animal farming, Aquaculture, Fishing"
1005"Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation""Games, Amusements and recreation industries, Theatre companies, Dance companies, Museums, Sports teams and clubs"
1006Construction"Building, Flooring, Highway, Bridge, Glass construction/contractors"
1007Crypto Exchange / Broker"Exchange services, OTC Broker / Dealer"
1008Crypto ATM
1009Crypto Mining"Crypto miner, mining pool, mining hardware"
1010Proprietary Crypto Traders
1011Algorithm Crypto Traders
1012P2P Merchants
1013Other Digital Asset Services Provider (VASP)"NFT marketplace, E-wallet, Custody service providers, crypto trading bot developers"
1014Bank"Private Banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management "
1015Non-Bank Financial Institution"Insurance, Credit intermediation, Asset Management, Clearing House"
1016Money Services Business and Payment Service Providers
1017Family Office
1018Personal Investment Companies
1019Superannuation Fund
1020Sovereign Wealth Fund
1021Investment Funds"Collective Investment Schemes, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds"
1022Educational Services"Child Care, Schools, Universities, Educational support services"
1024Betting"Legalised Casino, Online Betting, Gambling platform"
1025Health Care and Social Assistance"Hospitals, Nursing care facilities, Vocational rehabilitation services, Offices of physicians/dentists/optometrists "
1026Information"Newspaper, Record/Music/Motion Picture Production and Distribution, Radio and TV broadcasting"
1027General WholesalersBuilding Supplies/Equipment/motor vehicles/household appliances/apparels/F&B wholesalers
1028Management of Companies and Enterprises"Non-Operating Asset Holding Companies, Head offices"
1029Precious Stones and Precious Metals Dealers"Production or trading of precious metals, precious stones or jewelry"
1030Crude Oil and Natural Gas Dealers"Production, refining and trading of Oil and Gas"
1031General Manufacturing"F&B manufacturing, breweries/wineries/distilleries, poultry processing, books printing, valves/motor vehicle manufacturing"
1033Mining and Extraction"Mining and quarrying, oil and gas extraction"
1034Pawn Shops
1035Professional Services"Business Consultations, Offices of Lawyers, Notaries, other independent legal professionals and accountants, Trust and Company Service Providers"
1036Scientific and Technical Services"Internet, Testing laboratories, Interior/Graphic design services, Photographic services, Veterinary services, Administrative management and general management consulting services, Non-Web3 software programming services"
1037Public AdministrationFederal government/Provincial and territorial public administration
1038Real Estate Rental and Leasing"Real estate agents, Lessors of buildings and dwellings, Construction, transportation, mining, and forestry machinery and equipment rental and leasing"
1039Retail Stores - Electronics"Phones, Computers, Cameras, Softwares, Electronic Product Supplies/Parts"
1040Retail Stores - F&B"Restaurants, Bars, Bakeries"
1041Retail Stores - Jewelry"Jewelry, Watches"
1042Retail Trade - Others"Gasoline Stations, Clothing/Shoe stores, Florists, Bookstores, Newspaper Stand, Mini-marts, Convenience store, Supermarket, Household appliances/supplies, Hardware stores, Beauty shop"
1043Sale of Drugs and Pharmaceutical products (except Marijuana)
1044TobaccoSales of Tobacco / Farming of Tobacco / Manufacturing of Tobacco
1045Transportation and Warehousing"Air/Rail/Water/Truck transportation, scenic and sightseeing transportation, Postal Service, Warehousing and storage, Automotive business"
1046Utilities"Electric power generation, transmission and distribution, Sewage treatment facilities, Water supply and irrigation systems, Natural gas distribution"
1047Other Crypto/Web3 services (non VASP)"Non Custodial NFT Marketplace, Software or Blockchain as a Service (SaaS or BaaS), dApps"