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Transfer Fund

Fund transfer API used for merchant/partner to initiate Fund transfer between wallets.


POST /binancepay/openapi/wallet/transfer

Request Parameters#

requestIdstringYmaximum length 32Represents the unique ID of each transfer request.Generated by the merchant
currencystringYValid currency, must be in uppercasetransfer currency, e.g. "USDT"
amountstringYAmount Range: 0.00000001 - 999999999999999.99999999, each currency amount has a precision, see the info from api refer to the transfer amount
transferTypestringYOnly "TO_MAIN" OR "TO_PAY"The transfer direction specified by the merchant. TO_MAIN means to spot wallet, TO_PAY means to funding wallet

Sample Request Body#

{  "requestId": "100002021071407140001",  "currency": "BNB",  "amount": "0.01",  "transferType": "TO_MAIN"}

Response Parameters#

statusstringY"SUCCESS" or "FAIL"status of the API request
codestringY-request result code, refer to
dataTransferResultN-response body, refer to
errorMessagestringNmaximum length 256

Child Attribute#


tranIdstringY-the value of Request property requestId
statusstringYSUCCESS OR FAILURE OR PROCESSSUCCESS (indicating that the transfer is completely successful), FAILURE (indicating that the transfer has failed, it may be that the transferor has a problem with the transferee), PROCESS (the transfer is in progress)
currencystringYtransfer currency
amountstringYtransfer amount
transferTypestringYtransfer type

Sample Response#

{  "status": "SUCCESS",  "code": "000000",  "data": {    "tranId": "100002021071407140001",    "status": "SUCCESS",    "currency": "BNB",    "amount": "0.01",    "transferType": "TO_MAIN"  },  "errorMessage": ""}

Sample Response For Idempotent Request#

{  "status": "REPEAT_REQ_SUCCESS",  "code": "000001",   "data": {    "tranId": "100002021071407140001",    "status": "SUCCESS",    "currency": "BNB",    "amount": "0.01",    "transferType": "TO_MAIN"  },  "errorMessage": ""}

Result Code#

UNKNOWN_ERROR400000An unknown error occurred while processing the request.Try again later
INVALID_REQUEST400001Parameter format is wrong or parameter transferring doesn't follow the rules.Please check whether the parameters are correct.
INVALID_SIGNATURE400002Incorrect signature resultCheck whether the signature parameter and method comply with signature algorithm requirements.
INVALID_TIMESTAMP400003Timestamp for this request is outside of the time window.Sync server clock
INVALID_API_KEY_OR_IP400004API identity key not found or invalid.Check API identity key
BAD_API_KEY_FMT400005API identity key format invalid.Check API identity key.
BAD_HTTP_METHOD400006Request method not supported.Check Request method.
MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED400007Media type not supported.Check Request Media type.
INVALID_REQUEST_BODY400008Request body is not a valid json object.Check Request body
REPEAT_REQ_INCONSISTENT400009Request repeated, but your request body is different from the last request.Check Request body
MANDATORY_PARAM_EMPTY_OR_MALFORMED400100A parameter was missing/empty/null, or malformed.
INVALID_PARAM_WRONG_LENGTH400101A parameter was not valid, was empty/null, or too long/short, or wrong format.
INVALID_PARAM_WRONG_VALUE400102A parameter was not valid, the value is out of range.
INVALID_PARAM_ILLEGAL_CHAR400103A parameter was not valid, contains illegal characters
INVALID_REQUEST_TOO_LARGE400104Invalid request, content length too large
INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATUS400203Not support for this account, please check account status.
PAYMENT_ACTION_TOO_FREQUENT400501action Too Frequent, get the lock failTry again later


assetCodestringY-currency code
assetDigitlongY-decimal precision