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Create Authorization Request

API used to create authorization request to your merchant.
*This API is only available for Technical Service Provider (TSP), for more information please contact us at:


POST /binancepay/openapi/service/provider/create

Request Parameters#

merchantIdstringYmerchant id
ipWhitelistListYIP Whitelist

Sample Request Body#

{    "merchantId": "merchant1",    "scopes": [      "CONVERT",      "CHECKOUT"    ],    "ipWhitelist": [      "",      ""    ]}

Response Parameters#

statusstringY"SUCCESS" or "FAIL"status of the API request
codestringY-request result code, refer to
dataDataObjectN-response body, refer to
errorMessagestringNmaximum length 256

Child Attribute#


authorizationIdStringYAuthorization ID
merchantNameStringYMerchant's Name
authorizationTokenStringYAuthorization Token
merchantIdStringYMerchant's ID
redirectUrlStringYredirect url to bring merchant to mmp agree page
ipWhitelistListYIP Whitelist

Sample Response#

{  "status": "SUCCESS",  "code": "000000",  "data": {    "authorizationId": "authId1",    "merchantName": "Merchant One",    "authorizationToken": "token1",    "merchantId": "merchant1",    "status": "PENDING",    "redirectUrl": "",    "scopes": [      "CONVERT",      "CHECKOUT"    ],    "ipWhitelist": [      "",      ""    ]  }}
{  "status": "FAIL",  "code": "400003",  "errorMessage": "Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow."}

Result Code#

UNKNOWN_ERROR400000An unknown error occurred while processing the request.Try again later
INVALID_REQUEST400001Parameter format is wrong or parameter transferring doesn't follow the rules.Please check whether the parameters are correct.
INVALID_SIGNATURE400002Incorrect signature resultCheck whether the signature parameter and method comply with signature algorithm requirements.
INVALID_TIMESTAMP400003Timestamp for this request is outside of the time window.Sync server clock
INVALID_API_KEY_OR_IP400004API identity key not found or invalid.Check API identity key
BAD_API_KEY_FMT400005API identity key format invalid.Check API identity key.
BAD_HTTP_METHOD400006Request method not supported.Check Request method.
MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED400007Media type not supported.Check Request Media type.
INVALID_REQUEST_BODY400008Request body is not a valid json object.Check Request body
MANDATORY_PARAM_EMPTY_OR_MALFORMED400100A parameter was missing/empty/null, or malformed.
INVALID_PARAM_WRONG_LENGTH400101A parameter was not valid, was empty/null, or too long/short, or wrong format.
INVALID_PARAM_WRONG_VALUE400102A parameter was not valid, the value is out of range.
INVALID_PARAM_ILLEGAL_CHAR400103A parameter was not valid, contains illegal characters
INVALID_REQUEST_TOO_LARGE400104Invalid request, content length too large
INVALID_MERCHANT_ID406210Invalid merchant id