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About Mini Program

Mini Program is a new form of applications. This article mainly introduces the differences between developing Mini Program and developing traditional web projects.(In the following content, we use MP to represent Mini Program)

The difference between developing MP and developing web#

The pattern of MP development is similar to that of web development, using JavaScript for development, CSS for styling, and finally HTML for rendering. However, the JS code of MP actually runs in an independent running environment called "logic layer", and each MP has one and only one "logic layer".

In web development, the JS thread and the rendering thread in each page are mutually exclusive; while in MP, the JS running process and the rendering process (view layer) are independent, and the rendering and updating of the view will not block JS at the same time, the logic execution of JS will not block the rendering update of the view. Here comes the first problem we need to pay attention to: JS-driven view updates are asynchronous, and js cannot directly access the view's DOM.


Web developers work with IE/Chrome/QQ browsers on PC, and Safari/Chrome browsers as well as various WebViews on iOS or Android systems on mobile devices, while MP developers work with Binance App on iOS, Android, and Binance DevTools.

Experience Mini Program#

After downloading Binance app, scan the QR code below to experience the mini program.