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Binance mini program is a development framework for binance. It allows developers to quickly build mini program applications that run on the binance app using web-like technology. The mini program also provides a set of api and services to help developers quickly access binance's services and build their business.

This article provides a quick start guide to the mini program.

Overall Process#

graph TD A[Create a new App] --> B(Write codes) B --> C(Debug with DevServer) B --> D(Build it) D --> E(Upload to Management) E --> F(Set as Experience Version) E --> G(Submit for review) G -->|Pass review|H(Run on Binance app) F --> H I(Register and login on Management) --> J(Create a new App) J --> E

Download binance devtools#

Before developing, you need to install binance devtools.

You can visit download to get installer. After installation, you can login binance devtools with your binance account.

Create Mini Program#

After login to binance devtools, you can click plus icon card, then fill in mini program name and project path, finally click create button. You will get a new mini program.



Select the newly created mini program, double click to open it. You will see the binance devtools main interface.


Create the app in merchant workspace#

The mini program created by binance devtools have a default appid. You need to registering and logging in the merchant workspace After that, you can apply for an mini program, get the appId, fill in the relevant information. And then we can manage its version in the merchant workspace, release the beta version or submit the publish version for review.

Compile and preview#

Click the compile button on the toolbar, you can see the rendering result of the mini program in the simulator on the left side of the binance devtools.

If you want to experience mini program in your real device, you need to replace default appid with the appid you applied for. Then click preview button to generate qr code. Now you can use binance app to scan qr code and expreience mini program.


Upload the app#

Upload the mini-program files with Binance Devtools. After successful upload, you can see the current version information in the backend.


Publish it#

Submit the app for review in the merchant workspace. Once the review is complete, the app will be searchable on the binance app and users will be able to open and use it directly.