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Mini Program Announcement#

Announcement: End of support for JS SDK <3.0#

Date of announcement: 2022-03-10

Announcing the end of support for JS SDK <3.0. Action required: You need to upgrade to JS SDK ^3.x or later and make sure your Mini Program can run on the latest version of Native with SDK ^3.x.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us.


Starting May 19th 2022, the Mini Program will no longer support the following end of life (EOL) JS SDK versions:

Last supported Native versionJS SDK versionEOL
2.35JS SDK ^1.xEOL on 2021-09-09
2.46JS SDK ^2.xEOL on 2022-05-19
JS SDK ^3.xActive LTS ✅

Release notes#

The release note for each release. Please also check Release Note for more details.

JS SDK VersionRelease note
2.2.0 -> (2021-11-18)
3.0.0 -> (2021-12-09)
3.1.0 -> (2021-12-30)
3.2.4 -> (2022-01-20)
3.3.0 -> 3.4.2 (rollbacked)3.4.0 (2022-02-17)
3.4.2 -> (2022-03-10)

Breaking changes Summary#

Image component#

Now default size of Image is width: 320px; height: 240px;

// Image Component size+ width: 320px;+ height: 240px;
Deprecated legacy code removed#
  • Component DeprecatedInput removed, please use Input component instead.
  • Component DeprecatedTextarea removed, please use Textarea component instead.
import {- DeprecatedInput,- DeprecatedTextarea,  Input,  Textarea,} from '@binance/mp-components'
  • API bn.getCurrentPages removed, please use global getCurrentPages function instead.
  • API bn.getApp removed, please use global getApp function instead.
  • API bn.getTabBar removed.
  • requestPayment: options.noncestr removed, please use options.nonceStr instead.
  • request: options.body removed, please use instead.
  • request: options.headers removed, please use options.header instead.
  • connectSocket: options.headers removed, please use options.header instead.
  • SocketTask: callback payload of onOpen changed:
socketTask.onOpen({- headers,+ header} => {})

To use the new SDK ^3, please re-upload MiniProgram with

  • CLI v2.1.3 $ npm install -g @binance/mp-cli
  • IDE v2.12.0 and select MSV^3.2.0 on IDE