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Management Portal

This document will introduce how to use Mini Program Management Platform (MPPοΌ‰ to manage your apps.


Once we have finished developing the code, we need to use the MPP to publish our mini program. MPP will manage all the mini program apps published online, and only through the upload, review and publication of MPP, users can get your mini program through Binance App. The process of using MPP is shown in the figure below:

graph TD A[Build your Mini Program] -->|| E(Upload to Management) E --> F(Set as Experience Version) E --> G(Submit for review) G -->|Pass review|H(Get the MP app on line) I(Register and login on Management) --> J(Create a new Mini Program App) J --> E H --> B(Shutdown the Mini Program) H --> C(Rollback to an old Version) H --> D(Access from Binance app) C --> D F --> D


You can login MPP from

Users need to log in to the platform via their Binance Account.

Note: The platform is not yet open to the public, and only some users can access the platform after vetting.


Developer Account is the developer's account. A Developer can have multiple Applications, each with its own independent version and appId.

A user can belong to multiple Developer Accounts, and users can select their own Developer Account through the drop-down menu


If users doesn't belong to any Developer Account, then they will be redirect to the onborading page to fill in business related information. Later on Binance team will contact users through information provided by users in order to create their Developer Account.


Manage the Memebership of Your Developer#

The Owner or Editor under Developer Account can manage the users in Developer. You can add a user to the Developer Account via email or delete a user via the delete button.

There are three roles for the users under the Developer Account

  • Owner has all the permission under the Developer Account.
  • Editor has all permissions, except for not being able to change administrators
  • The viewer can login to the MPP, but can only browse. However, they can be assigned to a specific application as an app-level administrator by the administrator

The specific available permissions are listed in the table.

Add or Remove user to / from developer account√√
Transfer owner of the developer account to other√
Change user’s roles√√
View and list applications (list-application)√√
Create / Change / Archive applications√√
Manage Developer’s information√√
Login to the platform of developer√√√


Application is the basic unit of Mini Program distribution. Each Application has its own AppId, its own administrative privileges and version list.

Create Your Application#

The Owner or Editor under Developer can list or create an Application.


Update Application's Settings#

In the index of the Application, we can see the information of the current App.


Upload A New Version#

To publish a new Application, we first need to create a bundle file using CLI

cd [path-to-your-project]bmp build

It will create mini-program files in your folder. Then we upload them with Binance Devtools.

Manage the Versions of Application#

After uploading a new version, we can manage it in Version Management.

For a new version, its default state is in Develop. At this point the Owner or Operator of the Application can submit the version for review.


Once the commit is complete, the release will go into Review status. The auditor from Binance will review this version.

Once the version is approved by the auditor, its state will be approved. The approved Version can be released online by the Application's Owner or Operator.


The Version can be rolled back to a previous version after going online.


Manage the Mambership of Application#

Similar to the membership management of Developer Account, the Owner or Operator of an Application can add or remove the accessibility of a user. However, note that the user can only be added to the Application's Membership if he is first in the Developer Account


The specific permissions are as follows

Upload a new Version√√√
Submit a Version for review√√
Get an approved Version online√√
Update the settings of an Application√√
Manage the membership of Application√√
Update development settings√√
View the info and qrcode of Application√√√

Manage the development settings of application#

Service Domain and Business Domain#

All the domains, which are used in the mini program api, like request and websocket, should be added to the Service Domain list. all the domains, which can be open in the <WebView /> components, should be added to the Business Domain list.


Access to your Application#

Already live applications can get access to the Mini Program via the QRCode button in the Version Management panel. Users can access the Mini Program from the Binance App by scanning the QRCode.