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Management Portal

This document provides instructions on how to utilize the Mini Program Management Platform (MPP) for managing your applications.

Getting Started#

Upon completing the code development, you will need to use MPP to publicize your mini program. MPP oversees all the mini program apps that are published online, and it's only through upload, review, and publication on MPP that users can access your mini program via the Binance App. The process of utilizing MPP is depicted in the following figure:

graph TD A[Build your Mini Program] -->|| E(Upload to Management) E --> F(Set as Experience Version) E --> G(Submit for review) G -->|Pass review|H(Get the MP app on line) I(Register and login on Management) --> J(Create a new Mini Program App) J --> E H --> B(Shutdown the Mini Program) H --> C(Rollback to an old Version) H --> D(Access from Binance app) C --> D F --> D

Logging In#

You can access MPP at, and use your Binance Account credentials for login.

Note: The platform is not currently accessible to the general public; a selected set of users can access the platform after thorough vetting.

The Workspace#

The Workspace is the developer's account. It can house many applications, each having its own autonomous version and appId. A user can be associated with numerous Workspaces, with the ability to choose their workspace via the drop-down menu.


If a user is not a part of any Workspace, they will be redirected to the onboarding page to provide business-related information. Subsequently, the Binance team will reach out to users through the provided details to create their Workspace Account.



An application is the basic unit of Mini Program distribution. Each application comes with its unique AppId, privileges, and version list.

Creating Your Application#

Owners or Editors in the Developer module can list or create an application.


Modifying Application Settings#

In the application's overview, you can view the details of the current app.


Uploading a New Version#

To publish a new application, we first need to create a bundle file using the CLI.

cd [path-to-your-project]bmp build

It produces mini-program files in your directory, which can then be uploaded with Binance DevTools.

Managing Application Versions#

After uploading a new version, Version Management enables further administration. More information can be found in Mini Program Version Lifecycle.


Managing Application Development Settings#

Service Domain and Business Domain#

All the domains used in the mini program API, such as request and websocket, must be included in the Service Domain list. Similarly, all the domains that can be accessed via the <WebView /> component should be listed under Business Domain.


Accessing Your Application#

Users can access live applications by employing the QRCode button in the Version Management panel. For direct access to the Mini Program, users can scan the QRCode with the Binance App.