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Custom Compilation

Developers can use the compile button on the toolbar to compile the current code, and the devtools will automatically refresh the simulator.

Additionally, developers can add or select custom compilation conditions to preview the compilation of their project code. This assists developers in debugging issues by entering a specific page from different scene values.

custom compilation

Note: Compilation conditions are tied to individual projects, and each project can save its own compilation conditions.

create custom compilation

Fields include:

  • Mode Name: The name for the current compilation. For example: test.
  • Startup Page: The entry page path of the compilation such as pages/test.
  • Parameters: The query string that will append to the startup page, for instance: name=nezha&type=mp.
  • Enter Scene: The Scene value of mini project upon launch.
  • Launch Options: Switch for 'the simulator update at next refresh'.
scene values