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Startup Page

Upon launching the Binance Devtool, a list of your existing projects will be displayed.

project list

Creating a Project#

A Mini Program project can be swiftly created locally by following these steps:

  1. Click the first tile on your project list.
  2. Input your chosen project name.
  3. Specify the target folder for your project (note, an empty folder will not be accepted).
  4. Choose the nature of your project (either Mini Program or Mini Game).
  5. Select your preferred template.
create a project

Alternatively, a new project can be created utilizing @binance/mp-cli. By executing the following command, CLI will generate a simple project:

$ bmp init [project-name]

Opening an Existing Project#

Existing projects can be opened by typing import and selecting your project's folder. Your selected project card will be placed at the front of the project list.


If your project was created using CLI, run the following command in the root directory of the project:

$ bmp dev

Managing Projects#

Local projects can be deleted either one by one or in batches.

manage project