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Mini Progrram Gray Release

This is the introduction of Mini-program gray release.

Everytime before you golive the mini program version, you have to choose a release strategy. If it's the first version, you have to choose it full release.

Gray release policy#

  1. Full Release
  2. Scale Release
  3. Whitelist Release

Full Release#

Full release means it will release the version directly.

Scale Release#

Scale Release means only a part of users can access to this version, the others will access it's last version. For exmaple: if developers set scale release 10, that means only 10% users will access this version base on same sdk compability.


MVMSVPublished Time
1.2.0^1.0.0/^2.0.02020/10/20Full release
1.2.1^2.0.02020/10/21Full release
1.2.2^2.0.02020/10/22Gray release (10%)
NVBinded SVLoaded MV -> 1.2.1 10% -> 1.2.2 -> 1.2.1 10% -> 1.2.2

Whitelist Release#

Whitelist release is used for providing access to specific users. Developers can add user's device id into the list and then thoes users are able to access this version.

Release Flow#

Whitelist -> Gray release -> Full Release

When an audit version is approved, developers have to set it gary release.



After set it gray release strategy, it's allowed to go live this version. If it's released, developer can adjust the release strategy as well.


Some Note:

  1. If there is a gray release, we will block the rollback and publish a new version behavior
  2. If developers find some issues on gray release version and want to remove it, this gray release verison can be deprecated.


  1. Can I have multiple gray release version at the same time ? No, it only support one version on gray release status(scale release and whitelist release).