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Multiple Versions Compatible Solution


  • MV -> Mini-Program APP version
  • MSV -> Required minimum SDK version
  • SV -> SDK version
  • NV -> Binance APP version


It’s a solution to solve the compatibility problem of the multiple versions. The MV will be loaded based on the binding relationships of SV and NV. The compatibility solution works from Binance APP 2.36.0

Why do we have this multiple version solution?#

Native APP would always load the latest Mini-Program APP version. It’s impossible to load different Mini-Program APP versions for different Binance APP versions

SDK compatibility#

SDK with same major version would be compatible backward

What Mini-Program APP version will be loaded on Binance APP ?#

Based on the binding relationship between SDK versions and Binance APP versions, it would load the latest published Mini-Program version with its msv same as Binance App binded major SDK version


MVMSVPublished Time
NVBinded SVLoaded MV

The difference of two Go live buttons#

Go live >= 2.36.0:

It will update the latest Mini Program APP version for the iOS and Android versions which are >= 2.36.0 base on same MSV

Go live all versions:

It will update the latest MV for all iOS and Android APP versions:

  • Versions are >= 2.36.0 base on same MSV
  • Versions are < 2.36.0

Note: In the near future, we will deprecate the support of updating mini-program versions on old binance app(< 2.36.0)


How to choose MSV for MV?#

Developers can only choose the major version as msv.

How to choose Go live buttons?#

If you use IDE: 2.4.0, cli: 1.2.14, SDK: 2.0.0 for development, you could choose either of the go live buttons.

If you use IDE: 2.5.0, cli: 1.2.19, SDK: 2.1.0 or upper versions for development, you could only choose “Go live >= 2.36.0”

Since NV >= 2.36.0 are binded to SDK 2.1.X, they would be compatible with 2.0.0 SDK. But for NV < 2.36.0, they are binded to SDK 2.0.0, might not support SDK 2.1.X

What should I do if I want to develop a new mini-program version for Binance APP < 2.36.0?#

Please use IDE: 2.4.0, cli: 1.2.14, SDK: 2.0.0 to upload a new version, it will upload a new mv with msv 2.0.0 by default. Then click “Go live all versions” button, it will update latest version for old bianace app(<2.36.0) and new binance app(>=2.36.0)

Why are online versions already attached to msv 2.0.0?#

In order to make sure existing mini-program versions can be loaded, we assigned msv 2.0.0 for all online, audit, develop mini-program versions.