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Mini Program Version Lifecycle

A Mini Program Version progresses through several statuses.

Develop Status#

When a mini program version is uploaded from Devtool, it appears on the Develop table, which keeps track of all historical versions.

![Development table image

At this juncture, developers can access this version by scanning a QR code for experience version.

Audit Status#

Upon submitting a mini program version for review from the Develop status, the version transitions to the Audit status. It now awaits review from the mini program platform team. Note that only one version can be at the Audit status based on the same Mini Service Version (MSV).

Audit review image

Approval Status#

Once a mini program version is approved, developers are able to set a gray release strategy and proceed to launch.

Release option image

Gray Release Online Status#

Upon going live, users who meet the criteria of the gray release strategy can access this version. Developers can also modify the gray release strategy. If issues are found with this version, it can be deprecated.

Set gray release image

Online Full Release Status#

When a version achieves full release, it becomes accessible to all users. At this stage, developers can either rollback to a previous version based on MSV or deprecate the entire series of versions based on MSV.

Version online image