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Workspace Member Management

Manage the Memebership of Your Workspace#

The Admin under workspace can manage the users in Developer. You can add a user to the workspace via email or delete a user via the delete button.

There are three roles for the users under the workspace

  • admin
  • developer (develop mini program)
  • operator (to manage mini program after go-lives)

The specific available permissions are listed in the table.

View summary
Create MP
View MP information
Edit MP information
Stop/Start service
Create QR code
MP Version management
Edit app details(Web app)
Customer Analysis
View Monitor
Development Setting
MP Member Management
Experience member management
Localization management
Workspace Member management

On Workspace membership management page#

As the workspace users, you are able to grant access to developers.



On Application member management page#

As the application developer, you are able to grant the access to developers who are already workspace users.