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How To Set A Trial Version

Here we introduce two ways how to verify your mini program version on real devices

1. Set preview version on Devtools#

When you develop your mini program on Devtools, if you want to verify the behavior on real devices, you could click the Preview button. And it will generate a qr code. By scanning the qr code, you are able to experience this version.


Notes: only the developer who generates this qr code has the access to this preview version.

2. Set a trial version on mini program platform#

  1. upload a version into our mini program platform
  2. Set the version as experience version img
  3. Click the qr code icon nearby the Develop title img
  4. Scan the qr code via your binance app

If you want to let others access this mini program version. Add people into the experience member list, and they would have access to this mini program by scanning qr code.